You can chat with me securely using Signal. Just ask me for my number using one of the email techniques below.


Standard email reaches me at erik at linedried dot com.

Want something more secure? I’ve got a Proton Mail address too: erikness at protonmail dot com.

If things are really wiggy for you and you need to send a simple, anonymous tip, you can set up a disposable email address here. Fair warning: the email address may expire before I’m able to respond.


If you’re feeling old school, the U.S. Postal Service is still largely functioning. This will often be more secure than digital methods as long as you strip any identifying details. I don’t always get to the box regularly, so if you’ve sent time sensitive material it would be wise to email me as outlined above, anonymously or otherwise.

Erik Ness
PO Box 2007
Madison, WI 53701

Or you can just use this:

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